Monday, September 28, 2009

I hope you have time...

Well, we updated a lot of pictures so it might take awhile. I haven't got the Disney World ones up yet. I am waiting until we get our photo disk from Disney. Most of those pictures turned out better. Enjoy!

Lego Land!!!

We had a lot of fun in Lego Land. In keeping with Ryan's tradition of taking pictures with all the characters, we took pictures with all the lego characters. There was a Bob the Builder character that was real, not a lego character. We got a picture with him but it is not on my camera. I will post it later.

He was so excited to see Thomas. I love that they had everything Disney doesn't. It kind of finished the circle for us.

We couldn't even get him to leave Bob and Wendy. We have a million pictures of this. You can see in his face how much he loves Bob!

and now all the other lego pictures...

I'm going to put a few more random Lego Land pictures and then just add the rest to facebook so if you want to see them, check there. :)

they had an actual train for him to ride on!!

We went on this ride so many times, that I am sick of even looking at the pictures of it. :) It just takes you up to the top and then bounces you up and down.

This car ride was a disaster. He could not figure out that he needed to hold the pedal down. That kid behind him was getting so mad at him. I thought he was going to get out of the car and punch Spencer, he had major Lego Land road rage. I can't imagine when he gets older :) Needless to say, Spencer did not go on this ride again.

A nice leisurely boat ride with uncle Ya Ya. (That is what Spencer calls Billy)

I don't even have Chrissy to blame for him going in the water with all his clothes on this time. jk. He insisted that his socks stay on and I didn't really care to argue. He loves the water!

When Ryan changes Spencer for bed, he just automatically tucks in his shirt and pulls his pants up high. Spencer loves it and won't let me pull his pants down. At first it was something Ryan did just out of habit I guess. Now he just does it to bug me.

Colin is such a trooper!! What a good little baby.

First day of School...well, sort of

There is a group of us from my Church that are doing a sort of co-op preschool. We have two groups and take turns at each house. This was Spencer's first day. I couldn't get a good picture outside because it was bright, but there are some good ones of the kids inside.