Saturday, September 20, 2008

Catching Up!!

I know I am way behind on the blog, so here are some random cute pictures and then I added some extra blog entries. Happy reading!!

Spencer loves climbing in the play place at McDonalds, of coarse, it scares me to death because if he gets stuck, I am too big to go in and get him :)

Here is Spencer playing with his Aunt Camille and Aunt April in the summer. They let him do all the things mommy and daddy won't, like climb on them and let him play with the cell phone.

Spencer is in a phase where he likes to just get every car, ball, etc.. he has and line them up just so. Here he is with his cars, you can see the pride in his face that he lined them up and could actually push them across the coffee table.
and of coarse, the finished product...

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