Saturday, March 7, 2009

What have we been up to??

That is a good question. Things are finally getting into a groove. Life is getting enjoyable and I don't feel like no matter what I get done, I am always behind. Here are a bunch of random pictures and moments in our life.

Colin finally has gotten an interactive personality, that is always fun because when he smiles I actually feel like he just might appreciate me.

Spencer is always up to something. Ryan has a jar of change on his top shelf. I was doing something with the baby and there was Spencer standing up on the chair trying to reach it. He decided to sit on his knees and wait until I looked away to try again, until I caught him and made him get down (after getting a picture)

Colin rolled over for the first time today. I caught the very beginning and moved it over to the video but I didn't catch it in time. So, here is Colin starting to roll over and just playing.

and this is just a cute picture to end with


Sherrie said...

What cute boys. I would imagine they keep you very busy.

Chrissy said...

That last picture is amazing! I love it! I miss my boys!

Susie said...

Both boys are so adorable! Is Colin always so happy! Always good to hear how the Bitton's are doing.

Jared and Michelle said...

My baby