Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Halloween 2009

Here are some of our fun Halloween pictures. It is nice having Spencer grow up and understand more of the Holidays so he can participate. It is also nice not being 9 months pregnant this year!

The little co-op Preschool class that we do had a fun Halloween party on Friday morning. All the kids dressed up and played games. This party was Spencer's favorite thing about Halloween this year. It was great!

Spencer was Thomas the Train this year. I think he was sick of it by Halloween though because he started wearing it around the house when I bought it... which was the beg. of October. Oh well, now I know not to make that mistake next year. Although I probably will.

It wouldn't be an event unless I posted a picture of Brenner and Spencer together :)

I am amazed we got pictures with all the kids together.

Colin was so good, he just hung out in his stroller dressed up like a pumpkin.

We went to the Trunk-or-Treat on Friday night and then just stayed home on Saturday for the actual Halloween. The boys still got dressed up so their grandparents and aunts could see them via skype in Pocatello. This time I remembered to have Spencer wear his hat.

This has nothing to do with Halloween, it was just a cute picture of Colin so I decided to just put it up. He looks so old in it. Not my little baby anymore. :(


Michelle said...

I love the new blog theme!
Thanks for posting the halloween pictures!

Sherrie said...

How very cute. I love the picture of Collin crawling and the whole round pumpkin around him.

Chrissy said...

love love love it! The boys are getting so big!

i said...

i'm glad you put a link to your blog on facebook. your boys are so cute. i too loved it when my kids got a clue about what halloween was! :)