Saturday, September 1, 2012

Preschool Graduation

Well, Spencer is finally done with preschool and is starting Kindergarten. Time really does fly. Here are some of his cute pics of his graduation program. I just love Miss Marsha's Mini School!! So glad Colin is starting there this year!
Spencer and one of his best friends Tyler
Colin was very sad he didn't get to be up on the stage with his big brother so we just snuck a picture after the program. Don't worry Colin, it is your turn next year
We had a cute little party at Chuck e Cheese after the program for the kids. He had such a great year and we made such great friends.
I have no idea why they thought it was so funny being in the high chairs. And there is little Colin in the corner. He is so funny!!
Abby and Colin checking out the prizes
I love this cheesy little girl!!!

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robandkayla said...

Yaaaaaay! You're alive! :) jk my blog is very neglected at the moment so I'm not one to talk. I can't believe how big your kids are! I miss you so much Becky!...and our weekly date nights!!